Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions - Published 23/05/2023

By booking with JMS Removal Services you are accepting the terms as below without exception.

We agree to provide you with at least 2 experienced movers (except van and driver services) and a suitable vehicle/s for your removal, based on the details you supply to us. Any alterations or bookings made within 7 days of the due date are subject to availability of suitable vehicles and available space. No guarantees of any type are provided with short notice bookings unless specified in writing by us.  We will advise you in advance of our estimate of this charge if required.

We reserve the right to employ a sub-contract removal company at any time. This will not affect our quoted price. Any and all payments will still be due to us unless we specify otherwise. Our standard terms still apply in the case of an alternative company carrying out your removal on our behalf. These terms apply to domestic removals only. The inclusion of any professional or semi professional tools, equipment or instruments invalidates any inclusive insurance in its entirety unless written agreement is given prior to your move date.

Tolls, Ferries, Congestion Charging, Parking Charges, Fines, Low Emissions Zone Charging and fuel surcharges The customer agrees to wholly indemnify JMS Removal Services or its representatives for any additional charges relating to Parking, Ferries, Tolls, Congestion Charging and Low Emissions Zone charging if incurred as part of your removal whether intentionally or otherwise incurred. Your quote only includes these charges if expressly mentioned in writing. Additionally, the customer agrees to arrange in advance any necessary parking permissions or permits to ensure the move can take place. If a failure in acquiring any such permissions or permits results in any fines or penalty charges being imposed on any vehicles owned or operated by JMS Removal Services, the customer agrees to cover in whole any such charges including but not limited to costs incurred by JMS Removal Services as a result of the imposition of such charges including impound, towing and release charges. We reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge to any quote if the cost of fuel rises more than 3% following our initial quotation. Any fuel surcharge will reflect additional costs incurred by us and must be paid prior to your move taking place.

Access to Properties

The quoted price assumes ease of access and available parking adjacent (within 10m) to the property for loading and unloading. Additional distance or access via steps or stairs may involve additional charges if not notified in advance. Goods will be collected from and delivered to only the levels advised. An additional charge is added for premises with difficulties, levels other than ground and first floor or apartments above the first floor. This will be already included if notified in advance and confirmed in writing. We will not enter any premises which we consider to be unsafe or unhealthy. Any access other than standard doorways or ground floor window openings or over ground other than standard pathway/roadway is considered unsuitable and therefore we will not accept liability for any marks, tears, scuffs, sprains or damage caused during collection or delivery using such means of access or egress. Any obstructions caused by building works, overgrown foliage or any other situation which causes any restriction will invalidate any and all liability with regard to your goods whether or not packed/wrapped. Any narrow passageways, stair wells, staircases, hallways, are used entirely at the customers risk and JMS Removal Services accepts no liability for the use of such areas. We cannot access upper levels using a spiral staircase. You must inform us in advance if this is the case. We will not be liable in the event of inclement weather conditions causing delays, difficulties with access or the risk of damage to your items. We may need to abandon your move in the case of severe weather conditions. In this case, we will return as soon as possible to complete your move.

Goods Delivered to/Removed From Storage

We accept absolutely no responsibility at any time for any items placed into storage by any other removal company, or for any goods placed into storage by us and removed by any other removal company. If goods in store are accessed at anytime by anyone other than our staff we will not accept liability for damage or loss. There are no exceptions at any time to this rule.

Waiting Time

Waiting for keys or your arrival at your new property may incur an additional charge this will form part of the final bill. On a fixed price removal, we allow a maximum of 30 minutes inclusive total waiting at collection or delivery points. Any further waiting will be charged at the prevailing hourly rate of £25 per hour . Waiting time is charged at the prevailing hourly rate for all moves regardless of the circumstances and may be subject to additional overtime rates if incurred.

Overtime Rates

Overtime is charged at 1.5x hourly rate for all removals when the start time, at the customers’ request, is before 08.00am or the finish time, regardless of the circumstances is after 6.00pm. Monday –Saturday. All Sunday working will be charged separately from normal rates and must be agreed in writing in advance. All fixed rate local removals will be subject to overtime rate if unloading does not commence prior to 5.00pm regardless of the circumstances, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Fixed rate out of town moves will only be subject to overtime rates if you unreasonably delay the commencement of unloading.

Heavy / large / unspecified items + vehicle specification

We must be informed in advance of any heavy lifting required such as but not limited to: pianos, sun-beds, hot tubs, trampolines, safes, large freezers or American style fridge freezers or similar and any likely difficulties with a large removal vehicle so we may make provisions. If you fail to notify us in advance, we will make an additional charge or goods may be left behind. We cannot be held responsible if your furniture cannot be removed from your present home or if it will not fit into your new home. Any costs incurred in the removal of doors, windows, radiators or similar or us having to return when suitable access is achieved will be passed to you. If we supply a vehicle based on your or any third party estimate, we accept no responsibility if the load exceeds the vehicle capacity in terms of volume or weight. We will make an additional charge to collect excess items. You agree to fully indemnify us and our staff in the event of damage caused to furnishings or property due to restricted access or non dismantled furniture when full dismantling has not formed part of our service. We will not remove windows/doors unless explicitly agreed in advance in writing. Any fitted items must be removed by you and no liability for the condition of such items will be accepted at any time. Fitted items include furnishings, fitted kitchens, fireplaces, windows, doors, bathroom goods etc. Please ask for advice if you think these goods will need transporting. This includes but is not limited to pianos, long case clocks, snooker or pool tables, sun beds, hot tubs etc. Please enquire if you feel you have anything we need to make provisions for. Also, we will not accept responsibility for electrical derangement of transported goods at any time. Outdoor plant pots plus outdoor furnishings are also excluded at all times from our inclusive insurance. We do not accept liability for any outdoor goods, furnishings, plants, planters, pergolas, water butts, children’s play things, bicycles, composters etc. Outdoor planters, ornaments and pots should be emptied prior to transport, and thoroughly cleaned. Plants should be bagged for transport.

Additional services:

JMS Removal Services will only disassemble or re-assemble furniture and undertake any services such as the disconnection of washing machines or the removal of doors as a courtesy and will accept absolutely no liability for doing so. Unless agreed in advance in writing, these services will be charged for in addition to any agreed rate for the removal. We will not be held liable for the condition of any “Flat-packed” furnishings at anytime during your move whether assembled or not. Unless we have quoted for disassembly, you should dismantle any goods requiring dismantling to allow free movement. We accept no liability for goods not dismantled. Any goods handled by you during the removal will be excluded from any insurance agreement. The removal of any unwanted items will be charged for. Charges for disposal are available in advance from our office. If you require a qualified cabinet maker, you will be liable for any additional costs incurred and will be advised of these charges. We accept no liability at any time for any vehicle driven or conveyed as part of a removal. You agree to wholly indemnify us of any charges arising from any mechanical breakdown or similar of any motor vehicle owned by you or in your legal custody if we undertake to drive or otherwise convey your motor vehicle as part of your removal. You agree to provide JMS Removal Services staff or sub contractors all necessary or legally required insurance, valid MOT certificates, road tax and all other such documentation required by law.

Inventory forms

Any goods not listed on an inventory supplied by you or not notified to us at least 7 days prior to your removal will be charged additionally for or may be left behind if space is not available on fixed rate moves. You accept that we cannot be held liable for any volume or weight discrepancies if any inventory supplied by you or taken by us is amended in any way prior to your removal without first obtaining written agreement from us. All additional costs due for carrying additional goods must be met by you prior to unloading. Any multiple journeys will have additional mileage charges unless agreed in advance in writing.

Packing / dismantling of your Items:

Unless we have agreed in writing to provide a packing service, which is a chargeable addition to any service, you are wholly responsible for packing your own items, and ensuring fragile items are fully protected and safe to move. We accept no liability at any time for damaged goods that have not been packed by us regardless of the circumstances. You must ensure packed fragile items are protected and the contents of any box containing fragile items is clearly labelled on the outer casing. If you are packing your own items, you should obtain your own insurance to cover for loss or damage to these items during the provision of our service.

Valuable items such as documents, jewellery, money, deeds, art work or software and other IT equipment etc should not be submitted for removal. You should arrange alternative transport for such items. Unless we have agreed in writing to do so, you must ensure goods to be moved are fully dismantled to ensure safe and free movement. If we offer to assist on move day, to dismantle items to allow free movement, we accept no liability for doing so but you will still be charged additionally for such services.

Wrapping of furniture/larger items:

We will cover your furnishings as we load them into our vehicle. If specified in advance, we will supply covers for your mattresses and sofa/armchair covers. The furniture covers we use are specialist tailored covers. However they do not remove your need to ensure free access. We use industry standard furniture blankets to protect your items. However all furnishings are considered used and we cannot therefore be held liable for any marks, blemishes or scratches. Any soft furnishings with removable covers should have these removed prior to our arrival.

Prohibited Goods

The following goods should not be included in your consignment. The inclusion of any of the following may render our insurance invalid. We accept absolutely no liability for the loss of any of your goods if your consignment contains any of the following; Acids, Explosives, Corrosives, Drugs including those prescribed to the customer, Firearms (licensed or otherwise), Bullets, pellets, soils, fertilisers, live-stock, animals, fertilised eggs, flammable liquids, petroleum or petroleum derivatives, oils, gases, paints/varnishes other than household paints in factory sealed containers, ‘Wet’ batteries, human or animal waste or blood.

This list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure about any of the above or of anything you wish to include in your move, please ask prior to your move.

Inclusive Insurance:

We include “Goods In Transit” cover for booked household removals unless booked with less than 7 days notice in which case you accept there is no cover in force. This covers you for the total loss of your consignment up to £5,000 for free, with an individual item limit of £200.00/ boxed items limit of £40.00. Additional cover is available if required at an additional cost. Please ask for details. Total loss includes destruction during conveyance, due to fire or theft or serious road traffic incident. Comprehensive cover is available separately only on removals including our packing service which must also be booked at least 14 days in advance. All furnishings/equipment is considered used and therefore we will not accept responsibility for any scratches, marks, wear or denting of outer casing. You must inform us of all large or unusual items in advance. This includes but is not limited to pianos, long case clocks, snooker or pool tables, sun beds, hot tubs etc. Please enquire if you feel you have anything we need to make provisions for. Also, we will not accept responsibility for electrical derangement of transported goods at any time. Outdoor plant pots plus outdoor furnishings are also excluded except for total loss during conveyance. Liability cover is like-for-like, repair or replacement at our discretion. All claims are subject to a £100.00 excess. No accidental damage cover is available for man and van service. Total loss is included when our vehicle is involved in an accident, theft or fire only.


Deposits are required to secure any dates you wish to book, and are non refundable. If there are any additional expenses, such as accommodation or ferry charges, these will also be required in advance and are non refundable. If you need to transfer your date, we can transfer 50% or your deposit to your new date as long as we receive at least 14 clear days notice, otherwise we cannot transfer your deposit. Deposit amounts vary depending on the type of booking and when you book, but will be clearly outlined in your request to book e-mail. If you or we need to cancel you removal due to Covid or other similar incident, our or your liability extends only to the refund of any deposits paid. No further liability will be accepted from you or required by us. The balance payment is due in full immediately upon completion except out of town moves (over 20 miles) when payment is due 3 days prior to move day. If you fail to pay in full as required any insurance cover will become nul and void. Cheques are NOT acceptable. Any payment that does not clear when presented will incur an administration charge of £30.00 inc vat. Interest will be charged on ALL overdue payments at 8% above the bank of England prevailing rate. This will be compounded until the debt is settled in full. You must not off-set any part of our charges at anytime. Nor may you assign any part of our bill under any circumstances. ​


You accept we will retain your data for our own use only, and will share with no other organisation (except as a legal requirement) without your express authorisation. You have a right to request details of any data we hold about you, and we make no charge for this. We retain data only so long as it is relevant to our contract with you and as a record as required by HMRC and other government agencies. We do not retain any payment card details beyond the completion of our contract with you, unless you authorise us separately to do so. No data is stored electronically in a format that can be accessed by any other party.


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